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Friday, 31 May 2013

A law which criminalize the people who use seeds and plants which are not registered with the government.

A new law proposed by the European commission would make it illegal to grow, reproduce or trade any vegetable which have not been tested, approved and accepted by the new EU bureaucracy named the EU plant variety agency. It's called the plant reproductive material law. This plant reproductive material law puts government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from their own regulated seeds are considered criminals under this law. As home gardeners grow the plants by hands and not by machines so there is no way to register the varieties suitable for home use as they don't meet the criteria of the plant variety agency. While this law may only be targeted only at commercial gardeners but it will soon reach out the home gardeners and require them to abide by the same regulations.

Prolonged use of painkillers up the heart attack risk by 33%.

High doses of two common painkillers, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen, taken over a long period of time increases the risk of heart attack.The researchers analysed 639 random drug trials and assembled information on more than 350,000 patients, and found that for every 1000 arthritis sufferers, rate of people who suffered heart attack. These drugs have also been linked to illnesses like stomach ulcers. The study found the increased risk of cardiac side effects from ibuprofen was similar to those of another arthritis drug, Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the market almost a decade ago when research had suggested it might double the risk of heart attacks.   A new generation of NSAIDs known as coxibs were introduced, which had a lesser risk of stomach pains, but they were widely linked to an increase in heart attack, leading to public concern. 

Women who suffered physical and sexual abuse in childhood are much more likely to battle against food addiction as adults.

Women who fight against physical and sexual abuse in their childhood are much more likely to battle against food addiction as adults than women who did not experience such violence, according to a new study. Women who had experienced physical abuse before the age of 18 were twice as likely to have food addiction in middle of adulthood compared with women without a history of childhood abuse. The liklihood of food addiction was increased further for women who had experienced both physical and sexual abuse in her childhood. The childhood abuse not only affected the mental health but also the physical health of the women. There has been a relevant link between childhood abuse and obesity. The cause of this link is probably due to the immense amount of stress leading to overeating of foods rich in fat or sugar.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dealing with office bullies.

It is most likely that mean guys and tough guys that you encountered in school, could be prevalent in workplace.
Excluder-She barely acknowledges you, pretends you don't exist, fails to include you in important meetings and doesn't bother giving you important info.
How to cope. Most of the women don't like to be disliked or excluded from the group, but ask yourself if you really want to be this person's friend anyway.
The screamer-He yells to intimidate, insult and get a reaction. Like Ari Gold of Entourage, he is totally wound and barks instruction at full volume. He's critical and thinks he is the only one who can get the job done correctly.
How to cope. A screamer cant hear you when he's in a rage. So, wait until he's done before he is attempting to respond to his accusations.
The toxic- She is overly friendly and helpful, almost to the point of smothering you, but she can also turn nasty, gossipy and jealous.
How to cope. It's important to keep your boundaries with someone like this. Cut this gossips and restrict your interaction.

The worlds largest diamond auctioned in Hongkong.

Worlds largest diamond was auctioned in Hongkong on Wednesday. One of the spokesperson of the auction house 'Chriesty' said that the amount auctioned on wednesday is a  record. No other diamond of this type has not ever since now has been auctioned till this amount. This auction amount is the highest of them all. This diamond looks like a drop of water. it is weighted at 75.36 carat. The gemstone is a teardrop shaped diamond with triangular bases over its entire surface. Despite the fact that the lot could not reach the upper limit of the estimated cost of $ 12.5 million, the result is still considered outstanding by Christie’s. Currently, “Winston’s Legacy” has the highest record for a gem ever put up for auction. The weight of the gem is 101.73 carats. Earlier this month, the colorless diamond was sold in Geneva for $ 26.7 million

A robot serving bear according to your mood.

The two researchers of Indian roots have invented a unique robot which serves you bear by studying your mood. This robot can also decide that what quantity of bear must be served to you according to your mind.The interesting fact about this robot is that it makes a guess if you want to have more drinks or not or if there is a requirement of you having a bear and will serve it to you if you need it. Ashutosh Saxena, a computer science professor researched on the database of Microsoft's kinetic 3 D camera and 3 D videos. It has the capability of providing the household and food related facilities. When the robot does all these works or when he is ordered to do something he prepare a dictionary of all the words. Cornell's Personal Robotics Lab has invented this technique.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chocolates are healthy for your teeth. It can stop tooth decay.

Studies have found that chocolates are less likely to cause dental decay than other sweet foods. In fact it helps in fighting tooth decay. Scientists believe that one day some of its components will be added to toothpaste or mouthwash. Contrary to its popular belief that it can fight against tooth decay, there have been studies that show that chocolates can prevent cancer and heart diseases. They discovered that the cocoa bean husk – the outer part of the bean which usually goes to waste in chocolate production – has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and can fight effectively against dental plaque and other damaging agents. Foods that contain fermentable carbohydrates (FCs) are the nasty cavity-causing culprit! Although FCs are found in chocolate, the cocoa butter in chocolate coats the teeth, making it less likely to cause tooth decay. Chocolate may be high in sugar, but it melts quickly in your mouth, leaving little time for bacteria to attack your teeth and cause cavities. Plus, if you brush regularly, you won’t have a problem!

Burn calories without going to gym. No need to workout.

1. Go shopping. Go shopping in malls. Shopping burns about 150 calories and you'll look good in whatever you purchase.
2. Take a pill. taking a glutamine suppliment after the meal burns 20 calories than usual.
3. Watch less Netflix. People who cut down their time watching TV burn 120 calories a day.
4. Walk and talk(and text). While you texting walk around. you'll burn few more calories and increase your metabolism.
5. Chew gum. It burns miniscule amount of calories if you chew gum on a regular basis. But gum also keeps you from snacking all day thus saving more calories.
6. Fidget. Fiddle your pen, bounce a little on your chair. This will burn 350 calories more a day than non fidgeters.
7. Take a 5 minute challenge. Walk around after every hour for 5 minutes. you'll land up loosing 170 calories without even going out.
8. Find something hilarious. Laughing for just 15 minutes can burn 50 calories.
9. House cleaning. Cleaning the house for roughly 30 minutes can burn 120 calories.
10. Drink ice water. Drinking icy cold water burns 9.25 calories(per glass) than drinking room temperature water. 

Dolphins call each other by specific names when they become separated.

We know dolphins are very smart. Now new research finds that bottlenose dolphins, call each other with specific names when they become separated.According to Discovery News report, lead author Stephanie King of the University of St. Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit, said:“Animals produced copies when they were separated from a close associate and this supports our belief that dolphins copy another animal’s signature whistle when they want to reunite with that specific individual. Interestingly, captive dolphins can learn new signals and refer to objects and it may be that dolphins can use signature whistle copies to label or refer to an individual, which is a skill inherent in human language.Dolphin whistles can be detected up to 20 km away (12.4 miles) depending on water depth and whistle frequency.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

There is a pillow called 'ostrich pillow' that enables power naps anywhere.

Ostrich pillow offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap is at ease. It is neither a pillow, nor cushion, bed or garment but a bit of everything all at the same time. It's size is : 45L x 28W x 15H and circumference of opening for the head is 70 cm. It is made up of flexible fabric and filled with micro balls.  The ostrich pillow is washable as well. The ostrich pillow have a soothing cave like like interior shelters and it isolates both your head and hands. It is perfect for a power nap. The ostrich pillow can be used anywhere, on the bench, in the train, on your desk, anywhere you want to when you want to have a nap when you are tired and aren't finding a suitable place to lay your head. 

top 10 benefits of consuming dates

Dates have a high content of iron and fluorine. they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Consuming dates help in keeping the cholesterol lower and helps in keeping various other health disorders away. Read on to know the various benefits we can have by consuming dates.
1) Dates are free from cholesterol and low on fats. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals.
2) Dates have the presence of fluorine which lowers the risk of tooth decay.
3) Dates are high in iron content and are used in treating anemia.
4) Dates are excellent for alcoholic intoxication. Cures abdominal cancer.
5) They help in improving digestive disorders as they have soluble and insoluble fibers.
6) Also helps in improving eye sight and helps in curing night blindness as well.
7) Those who suffer from slimming problem, dates help in gaining weight.
8) Dates help in regulating a healthy nervous system as they are rich in potassium and reduced in sodium.
9) Helps people suffering from constipation. Soak it overnight and take it along with water to have an added advantage.
10) Dates are great energy boosters as they contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Hercules beetle: a beetle which can lift 850 times more than its weight

Hercules beetle is one of the largest beetle, can also be said as the strongest animal as it can lift 850 times more than its body weight. The female beetles are generally much shorter but much larger than the male beetles as they lack horns entirely.They are found in North America. They can reach 17 cm (6.75 inches). It is possible for a female beetle to be considered longer, measured from eyes to abdomen, than a male, yet to be considered 'smaller' simply due to the absence of horns. They are strict vegetarians and are quiet, calm and gentle. They can fight to the death with other males over a female. The harval stage of Hercules beetle will last from one to two years with the larva growing up to 4.5 inches (11 inches) in length and weighing up to 120 grams. After the larval period, transformation into pupa and molting the beetle then emerges as an adult.  

Monday, 27 May 2013

Wales teenager Aled James sets the record of achieving 100% attendance in the past 13 years of his school life.

A Pembrokeshire teenager has carried on his family tradition of not taking a single day off during his time at both primary and secondary school. Aled has followed his mother and his grandmother's footstep and set the record of not running late to school.The three-generation perfect attendance is believed to be a record for Pembrokeshire and 'possibly for Wales and the UK. Aled, a school perfect was brought up on a family farm in crymych. When asked about his consistency in school he said, he enjoyed going to school. It was like a second home to him. They have this family tradition of being on time and when asked about this he replied that he never thought of not going to school. He would just get up and go to school and would feel odd not to go even one day.

First Apple PC being sold off at Rs3.70 crores

The first apple computer made by Steve job and Steve Vojniak in the garage was sold for Rs 3.70 crores. when it was first made in 1976 its cost was estimated to be $666.66.At that time it had only one circuit board. the person who had to purchase it had to purchase its mother board, case and screen separately. The significance of this computer is that it have the signature of Steve Vojniak, one of the person who made the computer.  Along with it the purchaser of computer is also provided with the original  monitor, tape player, keyboard and the original bill signed by Steve Job. According to Germany's auction house Breaker.This computer was one of the first 50 computers which was made in the garage of Steve job who made a total of 200 computers in his garage out of which 46 are still there.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

In 2002, a 19 years old garbage man won $15 million lottery, spent it all on drugs, gambling, and prostitutes. Now he’s a garbage man again.

Michael Carroll (lottery winner) , who hails from Britain,  was a 19-year old garbage man in 2002. After winning the mula, he enjoyed celebrity status for sometime in the all-nagging British media, a self-proclaimed ‘King of Chavs’, a phrase emblazoned on his black Mercedes van. 

He began spending innocently enough at first-presents here for family, presents there for friends, and so on. Then, he began spending not so innocently on things like crack cocaine, gambling, prostitutes (at one point sleeping with about four a day), and enough booze to drown the sad midday crowd at an Irish pub.

Eight years down the line and he finds himself broke and back to working as a garbageman. According to him, he’s happier for it, at least based on what he said: “I find it easier to live off £42 dole than a million.”
Right. He has since made two suicide attempts, after returning to the £42-a-week jobseeker’s allowance.