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Thursday, 13 December 2012

daily life science general knowledge question answers

No. Question Answer
1. Name the parts which on removal or destruction may cause the death of plant Roots
2. The cover of air around the earth is called Atmosphere
3. Air occupies Space & mass
4. Plants and animals maintain the balance of what in air Gases
5. The supporter of combustion in air is Oxygen
6. What forms the earth's atmosphere Air
7. The major components of air are Nitrogen & Oxygen
8. Water is one of the basic constituents of all Living
9. The scientific name of Lotus is Nelumbo
10. No two human beings are completely Alike
11. The process of preparation of food by plants is called Photosynthesis
12. All living objects consist of Cells
13. The vegetables such as carrot,beet root and radish that you
eat are
14. Leaves are green because they have Chlorophy II
15. Plants manufacture food by the process of Photosynthesis
16. From the heart,the blood is transported to all the organs of
the body by
17. Which teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth Milk teeth
18. The reproductive cell of male is called the Sperm
19. The plants use which part of air for their food Carbon dioxide
20. Water is one of the basic constituents of all Plant
21. Water freezes into ice at 0 degree C.
22. Water boils at 80 degree C.
23. The torch cell is a source of which energy Electrical
24. Which source of energy wind is? Renewable
25. Which energy is released by a transistor Sound
26. Energy is always required for doing Work
27. Electrical energy is converted mainly into light energy in Filament
28. The energy hidden in atoms is called Atomic
29. Balance in nature is the balance between the population of Species
30. A famous mathematician of ancient India is Aryabhatta
31. A substance which can exist as solid,liquid and gas Water
32. The power of an electric bulb is marked in Watts
33. Water stored in a high-level dam has Potential energy
34. The dry cell produces electric energy from Chemical energy
35. The unit used for measuring distances between heavenly
Light Year
36. Musical instrument in which sound is produced by the vibration
of air is
37. Carbohydrates are present in Cane Sugar
38. The gas used for disinfecting water is Chlorine
39. Sand is a compound of Silicon
40. A mixture of salt and camphor can be separated by Sublimation
41. A magnet can be used to seperate a mixture of Iron scrap and sulphur
42. The chemical which is not used for purifying water is Washing soda
43. A bird which is active during night is Owl
44. Hydrilla is a plant that grows in Water
45. A plant which stores food in the root is Ginger
46. In most flowers the most colorful part is the Petal
47. The temperature of the surroundings is detected by The Skin
48. The number of kinds of living organisms on this earth is about Two & half million
49. A species of animals means A group of similar animals
50. There are some plants which do not have Leaves
51. An animal without a special organ for hearing is Snake
52. The sense organ in man which are sensitive to chemicals are Skin & nose
53. The tallest tree in the world is The redwood tree
54. Normally, a housefly lives for about One year
55. In the human body urine is formed in The kidneys
56. The pancreas in our body is a part of The digestive system
57. The blood vessels that we can see just below the skin on the
back of our palm are
Arteries & veins
58. The presence of starch in the leaf is shown by Iodine
59. All the cells are similar in structure and function in A tissue
60. The source of energy for all living things is The sun
61. An animal which cannot take solid food is Butterfly
62. Anaemia is usually caused by Glucose
63. The simplest form of carbohydrate is Aminoacid
64. The smallest unit of a protein is 80-90
65. The percentage of weight of water in our body is about C
66. Scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin Vitamins
67. Vegetables are included in our diet because mostly they supply Vitamins
68. The most widely seen minerals in the bones are Calcium and Phosphorus
69. Disgested food is mostly absorbed through the Small intestine
70. The diet of a 2-year old baby should contain more Protein
71. Tobacco plant makes nicotine in The leaves


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